Don't let Pull Requests get lost in email; Get them in Slack

Get GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket code changes in Slack!

You and your team are in Slack already, why try to navigate through hundreds of emails or a cluttered web page when you can get daily reminders or real time updates of your pull requests through Slack!

Add a Git Respository Provider and Connect Slack! (Open Beta)

Instant Notifications

Get real-time Slack notifications when a pull request is open, merged or closed no matter if you are using Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket or any combonation of git repository providers.

Slack Notifications
Slack Reminders

Get useful Reminders

Don't rely on a remote git repository application to send you timely and informative reminders.

Get daily reminders of open pull/merge requests from Github (across multiple personal and organizations), GitLab and Bitbucket.

Slash command for updates on your schedule

When you need an instant update of open Pull/Merge requests you can trigger the Slack Slash command to return a list of open requests

Slack Slash

How to set up Slack and Pull Manager

1. Sign In or Sign up to Pull Manager with a remote git provider

2. Set Notifications to use Slack

3. Authenticate and Authorize the Pull Manager Slack app

4. Finalize your notification settings as to when you get reminders and if you want instant notifications