Are you losing track of some of your Pull Requests?

Boost your delivery turn-around time by merging essential code changes quicker!

Works with GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket and Slack!

You shouldn't have to hunt around for the status of each of your critical pull requests. Pull Manager allows look at valuable PRs at a glance and get notifications to keep you and your team up to date. Get started below!

No more "Hey did you check out that pull request?"

Find the pull requests from multiple services and organizations (projects/teams) in one dashboard.

Quickly aggregate pull/merge requests from Github (across multiple personal and organizations), GitLab and Bitbucket.

Filter by time frame, status or search to locate requests over multiple services.


Find the most important Pull Requests that matter to you.

You will be able to see assigned, requested for review and those owned by you in one spot.

Get Reminders via email or Slack for Pull Requests that are lingering.

Never forget about a PR that has been hanging around for too long. As you can request the oldest requests through a Slack Command, configure immediate alerts or get reminders.




Why build Pull Manager?

I have always seen that visibility into Pull/Merge requests was always an issue. Whether as a part of a larger development team or partnering with another developer. It would be nice to have all my important PRs on one screen, a filterable list on another and something to ping me on Slack. That is what Pull Manager is

How do I install it to Slack/Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket?

When signing up/in you will be able to connect Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket via OAuth. After establishing a git provider connection, there will be a notification area to set up the Slack app.

Can I trial it?

You bet! There is a 14 day trial! On top of that, when connecting your git repository provider and repos, you can opt into importing your Pull/Merge requests to get going right away!

I have more questions!

If you have any more questions just ask via the help widget on the bottom right or email support